Larry K.

After a five year frustrating  dispute with the IRS over our material participation in our charter boat business, we were fortunate to find Derek Kaczmarek to represent us in our legal battle. Derek was very deliberate in evaluating our case and decided upon a new tactic to defend us from the IRS.  He was brilliant in organizing our defense and for the first time, we felt that we had a chance to prove our position.  At trial, Derek was organized, methodical, and communicated our position clearly to the judge and easily countered the IRS lawyer’s positions.

We prevailed in court, winning the decision and successfully defended our material participation in our charter boat business.  Further, we have been able to successfully recover some legal fees expended in our dispute with the IRS.

Derek’s passion for the law, his judgment in evaluating arguments, and his deliberate approach to dealing with disputes ranks him foremost in his profession.  He is pleasant to work with, totally accessible, and a great communicator.  He took the time to explain complex legal terms and procedures so that we understood every aspect of the legal challenge process.

Scott S.

After years of avoiding my IRS issues and operating in a state of denial I decided to seek legal help and advice. I have worked with most of the major law firms in the Southwest and on the West Coast and asked many of them for a recommendation for my IRS problems. One name seemed to always be at the top of the list, and that was Derek. I scheduled a consultation with Derek and right away I knew I was in good hands. Derek took copious notes and asked very pointed questions. I felt safe and secure right away with him, which is very hard to do with most Attorneys. Derek is a great negotiator and has an incredible sense of timing; he knows what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You can trust Derek 100%! I should have retained him long ago; I would have less grey hair! I hope I never need to call him again.

John B.

In 2010 I was notified that my personal 1040 was being audited questioning the carryback of losses that were created in an 1120S corporation in which I was the 100% shareholder. I was looking at a high six figure tax bill before any potential penalties or interest.

The tax preparer of the carryback returns provided all of the requested documentation and explanations as to the correctness of how the returns were filed with the IRS. I felt my position was correct and I was not willing to accept a settlement offer which required the paying of any taxes, penalties or interest. After reviewing the documentation there was still no offer from the IRS that I was willing to accept.

Finally, I enlisted Derek Kaczmarek, Frazer, Ryan, Goldberg & Arnold, LLF, to represent my position. Derek immediately contacted the IRS and what had been years of back and forth with the IRS was successfully settled with no change to my personal return.

I was very impressed with Derek and obviously I was extremely happy with the result he obtained on my tax issue.