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Image of IRS tax in Chandler.If you are reading this, chances are that you are dealing with an IRS tax issue. As you’ve probably realized by now, even the most financially savvy individuals find themselves confused and unprepared. Despite the temptation to ignore repeated IRS collection letters, doing so is a bad idea and will only make the situation worse. The IRS will not forget about an outstanding tax debt, and putting the letters in the trash is a sure-fire way to end up with bigger problems down the road.

Being under investigation by the IRS is stressful, to say the least, even if you are confident that you correctly filed your returns and paid all the tax you owed. Part of this stress relates to a lack of familiarity with the IRS audit and collection process. At the Chandler tax law firm of Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, our Chandler IRS tax attorneys can help you deal with whatever tax issues you face. As former IRS tax lawyers, we know how the tax collection process works and what motivates the IRS to settle tax debt for less than the stated amount owed. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex system in hopes of resolving your IRS tax matters and IRS audit issues.

Chandler IRS Tax Audit and Collection Law Firm Helping Clients Resolve Their Tax Issues

Tax law is a very specialized practice area. However, many Arizona tax legal team are general practitioners who take any type of case that comes to them. That is not who we are. At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, we focus our practice on one very specific area: tax law. We only handle IRS audits, IRS collections, and other state and federal tax issues. Given our laser-like focus on tax law, we are uniquely situated to help clients with any type of tax-related matter they are dealing with. The following are a few of the types of cases our dedicated team of Chandler IRS tax lawyers regularly handle on behalf of our clients.

IRS Tax Audits

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is a division of the United States Department of the Treasury responsible for assessing and collecting various types of federal taxes and enforcing the Internal Revenue Code. Most people and businesses file their tax returns without issue. However, out of the more than 200 million tax returns filed each year, more than .6% of individuals and nearly 1% of businesses received notice that the IRS wants to take a closer look at their tax returns. This is what is called an IRS audit.

At first thought, an IRS tax audit may not seem like a cause for concern. However, few people welcome the IRS digging around through their finances, looking for problems. In fact, it is extremely common for well-meaning, intelligent taxpayers to make mistakes while preparing their taxes. If there are mistakes, rest assured that the IRS will find them.

When it comes to IRS audits, there are three types.

Correspondence audit

An attorney talking with his client about IRS tax in Chandler.If the IRS notices a relatively small or simple issue with a tax return, it may initiate a correspondence audit. A correspondence audit is the lowest level of IRS tax audit and is conducted exclusively through the mail. When the IRS performs a correspondence audit, it will send the taxpayer a letter requesting additional documentation or information to clarify the issue. Although correspondence audits are the least invasive type of audit, it is crucial to take them seriously. Ignoring an IRS correspondence audit will almost certainly cause it to escalate to a face-to-face audit. At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, we can help taxpayers with a correspondence audit by drafting an effective response to the IRS to limit the scope of the audit and quickly resolve our client’s tax issues.

Office audit

If a taxpayer’s return is largely compliant but the IRS notices a few issues it would like to look into, it may designate the return for an office audit. An office audit takes place at an IRS office. The IRS has offices in Phoenix, Mesa, Glendale, and Chandler. When clients come to Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC after receiving notice of an office audit, we work with our clients to first identify all the issues covered by the audit. Next, we gather all the necessary information and documentation so that we can prepare an effective strategy.

Field audit

If the IRS identifies major areas of concern in an individual or business tax return, it may conduct a field audit. Field audits are the most invasive type of IRS audit. During a field audit, an IRS agent will visit the taxpayer’s home or Chandler business to conduct the audit. Typically, the scope of a field audit is very broad and may require a review of multiple complex issues. At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, whenever we can, we insist that a field audit occurs at our office rather than our client’s home or business. Many clients find that avoiding an in-person visit from IRS agents to their home or business significantly reduces the stress and anxiety associated with a field audit.

Regardless of the type of audit confronting you, the experienced Chandler tax lawyers at Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC can help.

What triggers an IRS tax audit?

From a preventative standpoint, it is helpful to understand why the IRS flags returns for an audit. In addition, knowing the types of issues that can trigger an audit can help guide taxpayers in how they handle the audit. According to the IRS, it uses “random sampling and computerized screening” to decide whether an audit is necessary. Of course, the IRS does not make the exact criteria known to the public. However, in our experience, the following are the most common reason for an IRS tax audit:

  • Claiming excessive charitable donations;
  • Deducting too many business-related expenses;
  • Failing to report income;
  • Making multiple mathematical errors;
  • Taking a significant home office deduction; and
  • Using only round numbers when filing a return.

Discovering that you or your business is facing an IRS audit can feel overwhelming. At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, we can assist by helping you understand what to expect. We will work with you to come up with a strategy to resolve the issues as quickly as possible, so you can move on with your life.

IRS Collection Efforts

Internal revenue service case to be handled by a lawyer in Chandler.If the IRS determines that an individual or business taxpayer owes unpaid taxes, it has a variety of ways to recover the back taxes. The first step the IRS takes is to send the taxpayer a letter outlining the amount owed and providing a brief explanation. However, the included explanation is often unclear and difficult to decipher, especially for those who are not intimately familiar with tax law.

If a taxpayer does not pay the amount due or ignores the IRS letters, the situation will escalate. Depending on the situation, the IRS can file a federal tax lien, which represents the government’s legal claim against a taxpayer’s property. Ultimately, the IRS can levy a taxpayer’s personal property, including their real estate holdings, business interests, and financial accounts. The IRS can even garnish a taxpayer’s wages. Once the IRS levies a taxpayer’s assets, it will sell them and use the money from the sale to satisfy the taxpayer’s debt.

At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, our Chandler tax collection legal team will work closely with you to address the concerns of the IRS. We can help you avoid wage garnishment, a federal tax lien, and an IRS tax levy. However, this does not necessarily mean you will need to pay the entire amount of back taxes. We can help you challenge the assessment of taxes and assist you in qualifying for a payment alternative such as an offer in compromise, installment agreement, or deferral of payment (currently not collectible status), if necessary.

Petitions for Innocent Spouse Relief

At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, we help clients pursue innocent spouse relief when they find themselves on the hook for tax debt they had nothing to do with. Generally, spouses who file a joint tax return are each liable for any errors in the return, as well as all taxes due. However, under the innocent spouse provisions, the IRS may provide tax relief to a spouse whose current or former partner completed and filed the couple’s tax return. To qualify for relief, applicants must meet strict criteria and meticulously complete the detailed application. Having obtained innocent spouse relief for countless clients, our Chandler innocent spouse relief legal team can confidently help you with your application for relief.

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If you recently learned that you owe back taxes or are dealing with an IRS tax dispute, we can help. At Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC, our Chandler IRS tax lawyers have decades of experience helping clients resolve their complex tax issues. We handle IRS tax audits, IRS collection actions, trust fund recovery penalties, petitions for innocent spouse relief, and other payroll and employment tax issues in Chandler. Our dedicated Maricopa County tax legal team will help you tackle your tax issues by providing you with diligent, dedicated representation, and invaluable peace of mind. To learn more, give the attorneys at Kaczmarek & Jojola PLLC a call or fill out our online form, and we will reach out to you.